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The Furchester Hotel
Air date September 26, 2014
Writer Christine Ferraro
Director Jack Jameson
Releases Elmo's Wonderful World

Mr. Director and his assistant Carol are visiting the Furchester Hotel to shoot a video to promote the establishment. He's surprised to see it's run by monsters, but the family assures him the hotel is open to patrons of any kind.

As he begins shooting, the revolving door acts up and spits out patrons at a rapid speed. Furgus helps by placing a revolving chair near the door. In the dining hall, Cookie Monster serves Mr. Dull cookies instead of soup and eats his mistake.

Later, Mr. Director observes two guests - Mrs. Iceberger (a penguin) and Mr. Mainbre (a lion) have uninhabitable temperatures in their rooms. Instead of swapping rooms, the monsters give them something to keep cool and stay warm with. Amid the chaos of The Tea Time Monsters, Mr. Director gives up. He can't convince people to stay at a hotel full of problems. The monsters urge him to keep trying and tell him their motto, in song - "A Furchester Never Gives Up."

Putting their fuzzy heads together, the monsters convince Mr. Director to showcase the problems, but also how they can solve them. He finds the perfect angle for the video and shows off the final product to the staff, who enjoy it greatly. Mr. Director now wants to check in himself!


Supporting Cast[1]


  • Online previews for the episode feature a deleted scene of Funella and Elmo trying to check in a bear guest.


  1. ↑ Communication with performers by Anthony T.

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