The Ghost of Faffner Hall
Air Date September 11, 1989
Written by Jocelyn Stevenson and Patrick Barlow
Director Tony Kysh

Farkas Faffner, the new proprietor of the music conservatory Faffner Hall, plans to auction off the hall's collection of musical instruments. The late Fughetta Faffner, a distant relative of Farkas and the founder of the hall, is horrified when she learns of Farkas' plans. The residents of the hall, including Riff, Mimi, the Wild Impresario and the ghost of Fughetta, attempt to teach Farkas that instruments are worth more than their monetary value.

Guest star Bobby McFerrin shows that he can express himself using his body, performing "My Body Is My Instrument". Other guest stars are double bass player Gary Karr and trumpet player Hakan Hardenberger.


Main Characters

Fughetta Faffner, Farkas Faffner, Riff, Mimi, the Wild Impresario, The Belly Bashers, The Thing That Claps, Composer Busts

Background Characters


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