Aliens in the Family
Air Date March 22, 1996
Written by Susan Borowitz
Director Tom Trbovich

Sally's fickle boyfriend, Christopher.

Doug gets a cold, and Adam is desperate to catch it so that he can get out of wrestling at school. Doug's germs mutate into a talking virus, which infects everyone else in the family.

Meanwhile, Bobut worries that his nanny, Sally, is unhappy with her role as caretaker of an evil genius alien baby. He tries to help her by arranging for a succession of men to call at the door (stiltedly quoting from Sally's romance novels). Later, at the mall, he arranges for Sally to fall into a fountain, where a guy named Christopher rescues her. The pair date, but when they find Christopher is cheating on her, Bobut seeks retribution on behalf of his caregiver.


  • This was the last episode aired during ABC's Friday night TGIF lineup, paired with Muppets Tonight. ABC aired six more episodes on Saturday mornings, beginning in late July.
  • This episode features a brief audio cameo by Joanna Kerns, best known as Maggie Seaver from the 1985-1992 series Growing Pains. A TV announcer says: "Next on The Female Channel, Joanna Kerns stars in an inspirational movie based on actual events, The Lynn Peterson Story. Fired because she did a bad job, she sued to get her job back." Kerns is heard in a clip from the show, declaring: "You can't fire me! I have the right to do a bad job!"

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