The Furchester Hotel
Air date September 27, 2014
Writer Molly Boylan
Director Jack Jameson

The Furchester Hotel has run completely out of cookies and Cookie Monster is freaking out. Meanwhile, Mr. Crumb, a living cookie, checks into the hotel. Elmo and Phoebe realize the potential catastrophe at hand and warn Funella and Furgus. They hope he'll stay in his room until the cookie shipment arrives, but Mr. Crumb decides to spend some time in the dining room (taking a dunk in some milk).

The monsters convince Mr. Crumb it's "Wear a Disguise Day" and apply a mustache to him, hoping he won't look like a cookie now. Cookie Monster falls for the disguise, knowing cookies don't have mustaches. Mr. Crumb then returns from the bowling alley, itchy from the mustache and sneezes it off. Cookie tries to pounce on the unsuspecting guest, when the Tea Time Monsters arrive for tea and sweep Mr. Crumb away.

The monsters try to get Cookie to control himself by giving him some exercises to take his mind off cookies. He successfully becomes too distracted to notice him as he passes by on his way to his room. They all rejoice, when Mr. Crumb decides to temporarily check out - he wants to bring the entire family back with him! The monsters all worry, when the cookie shipment finally arrives, which Cookie Monster immediately gobbles down.


Supporting Cast



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