Mopatop's Shop
Written by Jocelyn Stevenson
Director Tom Poole

Mopatop opens the episode by offering a giant green pea, a sparkly blue sea and a bird in a tree.

Puppyduck arrives a bit late this day, because she's been busy tending her garden. She wants to tell Mopatop what she's planted, but they're interrupted as a customer arrives -- a mole named Roley Moley, who's looking for a sign that says "This way for the garden". Puppyduck finds him a sign, and he heads on his way.

Puppyduck tries again to tell Mopatop about her garden, but is interrupted as Roley Moley returns to buy a fence to put the sign on. Now he's got everything he needs, except for one thing -- a garden.

Puppyduck sings a silly song about what she's got in her garden -- it's full of teapots, pajamas and rowing boats: "There's toothpaste, and fast cars, saucepans and jam jars!" Moosey Mouse is spending time with the bird in the tree, and the two of them laugh at Puppyduck's song.

Roley Moley wants a more traditional garden, and Mopatop finds him one that has flowers, grass, bees and butterflies. There's still something missing, though. They finally figure out that the garden needs a bird in a tree, and the bird is delighted -- she loves gardens. Puppyduck still thinks the garden could use some teapots or stripy pajamas.

A storybook adaptation, This Way to the Garden, was published in 1999.


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