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Fraggle Rock
Air Date January 17, 1983
Written by Jerry Juhl
Director Jim Henson

The Gorgs put Wembley's friends on trial.

Pa Gorg, self-proclaimed King of the Universe, is upset that he doesn't have any loyal subjects, but when Junior Gorg catches Wembley in the garden, the Fraggle, ever eager to please, agrees to be Pa's subject. Wembley's friends are determined to rescue him from the Gorgs, but even when they're caught in Junior's trap, Wembley refuses to leave. It's only when Junior threatens to thump the Fraggles that Wembley realizes that "sometimes slavery feels like freedom" and sets his friends free.

Meanwhile, Doc gets a letter from The North American Society of Tinkerers that he has been nominated for Man of the Year.

Fraggle Facts

"I salute you, O king!" Wembley mistakes the Gorgs as possible friends.

The captive Fraggles sing Fraggle Rock Rock.

  • The Gorgs consider themselves the rulers of the Universe, although as far as we know, the only other creatures they've ever seen are a few of the Fraggles and some local wildlife. Pa Gorg is constantly worried about invasion, but it's unclear whether there are any other Gorgs in the world.


  • This episode is the first appearance of Pa and Ma Gorg (not counting the opening credits sequence). The Ma Gorg puppet introduced in this episode will be replaced after the first twelve-episode production block.
  • This episode marks the first time Doc mentions his neighbor Ned Shimmelfinney and his cat Fluffinella. Mr. Shimmelfinney never appears, but is mentioned often and becomes very important at the end of the series.

International versions

  • French version: Doc wins an award from the society of Nouvelle Cuisine, for his pommes frittes melba. Croquette reacts badly to the prospective absence, but after some affectionate bonding, reluctantly gives his blessing with a wave of his paw. Uncle Matt's postcard is identical to the North American version. When Doc returns home at the end, Croquette is wringing out a handkerchief filled with tears into his dogbowl.
  • German version: The sequences with Doc are almost identical to the North American version, their neighbor who will look after Sprocket is called Herr Kömelgroller and his cat, Flumpminella makes a brief appearance. In the sequence with Uncle Matt, he is wearing a typical German feathered cap. Spotting several TV screens in a shop window, Matt thinks there are mini-silly creatures trapped in these boxes. At night, Matt tries to help the tiny creatures escape, but the people on the TV screens only laugh. Uncle Matt decides that they must have been imprisoned so long that they have resigned in their fate.


Supporting Cast

Video releases

International episode titles

  • Denmark: "Vembi hos Gorgerne"
  • Finland: "Vempi kohtaa Gorgit" (Video title "Vempi ja Gorgit")
  • France: "Wembley Et Les Gorgs" (Wembley and the Gorgs)
  • Germany: "Wembley und die Gorgs" (Wembley and the Gorgs)
  • Japan: "しまった!ゴーグにつかまった" (Oh No! Captured By Gorgs)
  • Netherlands: "Wimmie en de Griezels"
  • Norway: "Vembi og gorgene"
  • Poland: "Wembley i Gorgi"
  • Portugal: "Wembley e os Gorgs"
  • Spain: "Dudo y los Goris"
  • Sweden: "Vembi och Gorgarna"

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