The Secret Life of Toys
Air Date March 19, 1994
Written by Jocelyn Stevenson("I'm Going to Tell...")
David Angus ("The Cat Toy that Roared)"
Director Jeremy Swan ("I'm Going to Tell...")
Michael Kerrigan ("The Cat Toy that Roared")

Bratty Rat glares at Rugby and Ditz.

I'm Going to Tell...

Bratty Rat finds out that Raisin accidentally taped over the children's operatic cassette story. He threatens to tell on her, unless she's willing to do what he says (singing "I'm Gonna Tell on You.") In the end, other toys help Raisin to fix her mistake.

The Cat Toy that Roared

Mew borrows Rugby's tail for a game of "Pin the Tail on the Tiger" and accidentally drops it into the Lion's Den.

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