Bear in the Big Blue House
103 Mouse Party
Premiere October 22, 1997
Written by P. Kevin Strader
Director Hugh Martin
Theme Birthdays

Today is Tutter's birthday, and the friends in the Big Blue House decide to throw him a special surprise birthday party. Pip and Pop are placed in charge of the decorations, but run into trouble with the balloons. All the noise attracts Tutter, but Bear manages to head him off with our help. Tutter learns that having a birthday means becoming a year older. He speculates on all the great things he'll be able to do while he's older. Ojo works on the cake and Treelo wraps Tutter's present. Treelo, though, gets so excited about the birthday that at first he wants to keep the present for himself.



  • A big deal is made about Tutter's present in this episode, but viewers never find out what it is.
  • Luna is so old that she doesn't remember when her birthday is.
  • There is no Shadow segment in this episode. The time normally spent on her story is taken up by Tutter's birthday party.
  • The events of this episode were the basis for the stage show Bear in the Big Blue House Live: Surprise Party. This stage show no longer tours, but is available on video.
  • The "Happy, Happy Birthday" song is listed as simply "The Birthday Song" in the closing credits. Additionally, the closing credits run longer than usual.
  • The cheeses are used in the blended birthday cheesecake are: limburger, cheddar, monterey jack, and gorgonzola.

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