The Ghost of Faffner Hall
Air Date September 25, 1989
Written by David Angus and Patrick Barlow
Director Tony Kysh

The Faffner Hall residents find it hard to make music while Farkas is operating his loud drill. Suddenly, a spaceship lands in Farkas' room, and out comes an infantile alien creature who chirps gibberish. Farkas thinks he can get rich off this alien, but Fughetta and Mimi discover that the only words it knows how to say are "Need music!" Fughetta tries to sing an operatic aria, but it doesn't please the alien.

When Wild Impresario hears of the spaceship, he fears its inhabitants may intend to conquer the earth, while Mimi theorizes that the spaceship runs on music. Riff whistles a riff of his own, then explains where he got it from: a dream he had which includes Mark Knopfler, George Martin, Paddy Maloney and an orchestra of Frackles playing the tune he whistled as he heard a teakettle. When the dream sequence ends, Fughetta proposes that everyone write their own piece of music for the alien, taking inspiration from sound. She does it herself by painting a picture of dots and wavy lines which indicate where her voice will go.

Meanwhile, Mimi has trouble with composing her song until a wizard named Fish (Derek William Dick, lead singer from the band Marrillion) tells her to play the melody she was practicing, while he turns it into a song, "All the Best Freaks Are Here."

Farkas has locked the alien inside his room. Fughetta gets them into the room by temporarily stopping time and grabbing the key out of Farkas' hand. Farkas doesn't want any music in the room, so he turns on his loud drill and starts drilling again. While he drills, a melodic, glowing hum comes from inside the spaceship, and the alien follows it. The door closes, and the spaceship takes off. Mimi remarks, "Farkas, you play a mean drill!"


Main Characters

Riff, Fughetta Faffner, Farkas Faffner, Mimi, The Wild Impresario, Alien

Background Characters

Frackles, Penguins, Chickens

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