The Furchester Hotel
Air date October 3, 2014
Writer Christine Ferraro
Director Jack Jameson
Releases Elmo's World: Playdate!

Funella welcomes the incoming guests with furry arms, until one guest, Pierce the Porcupine arrives. The rest of the guests panic and scurry away, but Pierce doesn't mind. He continues to act contentedly even when he gets stuck in a chair. The monsters offer him a free meal in the dining room while he waits for his room to be prepared.

Cookie Monster tries bringing a tall tray of veggies to a table, ignoring the other guests' warnings of Pierce's presence. When he finally sees him, Cookie Monster drops the tray in fear, creating several shish kabobs on Pierce, who still doesn't mind. Elmo and Phoebe approach him and discover he's truly sad no one wants to be his friend. The two monsters say they will and think of a game they can play together.

Elmo tries a game of catch with a beachball, which pops when thrown at Pierce. They then all pogo stick together, which works until Pierce propels himself to the ceiling. Phoebe realizes that they need to find something that'll get them closer to him. All the family dons various odds and ends to keep them protected from Pierce's quills. As the family hugs him, an incoming cactus guest assumes he'll be treated well at the hotel.


Supporting Cast


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