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The Jim Henson Hour
Air Date May 5, 1989
Director Jim Henson



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Plot Outline

Jim Henson's Intro

Jim Henson announces that they've made a movie inspired by C. M. Coolidge's series of paintings, Dogs Playing Poker, and shows a trailer for the special narrated by Jerry Nelson.


While Digit has prepared a number of selections on the monitors to show on the episode, Kermit says they won't be needing them, as it is "Muppet Night at the Movies," and they plan on showcasing a film from the All Dog Network (ADN), Dog City. However, due to technical difficulties, the film is delayed. While the technical problems are being worked on, Bean Bunny presents previews of two of his upcoming films, Bean Bunny and the Cuteness Thief (starring the Wolf as Evil McBad) and Beanbo. Also, ADN airs some behind-the-scenes footage from the making of Dog City narrated by Rover Cleveland, featuring Lyle as the news anchor (and a cameo voice-over by Jim Henson as the director).

Eventually, Vicki finds the film (it was in the film library, under D), and the film is finally shown.

Dog City

Rowlf hosts a film noir parody set in a town entirely populated by dogs. Ace Yu travels to Dog City to investigate the murder of his uncle, who was killed by canine mob boss Bugsy Them.


Jim Henson closes the show performing on-camera with his character, Bugsy Them, who didn't like the ending of the movie.


Kermit records a promotional film for The Jim Henson Hour on the set of Dog City (after Colleen is dognapped). Ace Yu is a "funny dog."

  • This is not a traditional Jim Henson Hour episode split into two distinct halves. The MuppeTelevision portion of this episode lasts less than ten minutes and is really an introduction to the Dog City film, making this more of a complete hourlong special, with or without that introduction.
  • The episode was originally recorded with an outro in which Jim Henson teases the next week's show featuring The StoryTeller episode "The Heartless Giant." Henson additionally uses a generic dog puppet from Dog City rather than Bugsy Them.[1]
  • Dog City was originally intended to be a half-hour production, but writer Tim Burns' script ended up being nearly an hour. Jim Henson and Jerry Juhl approached the network to convince them to let it air as an hour-long special, but they were told Kermit needed to be involved somehow. Thus, Burns and the writing team devised the MuppeTelevision segment preceding the special.[2]
  • Jim Henson won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing in a Variety or Music Program for this episode.
  • The complete episode was released on laserdisc in Japan by KSS Films, with all audio dubbed into Japanese (in mono) and brief Japanese subtitles during "Bean Bunny and the Cuteness Thief."
  • Kermit and Ace Yu (Jim Henson and Kevin Clash) recorded a promo for The Jim Henson Hour on the set of Dog City. In the scene where Colleen is dognapped, the shot continues as Kermit talks about what networks can expect from this new series. Various clips are shown, mostly from the "Food" episode. Ace Yu annoys Kermit at the end, saying "I'm a funny dog."


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