Muppet Babies
Air Date October 6, 1984
Written by Jeffrey Scott
Director John Gibbs
104 Raiders of the Lost Muppet

While playing hide and seek, the Muppet Babies realize that Baby Animal is missing, and they split up to find him before Nanny discovers that he's missing. In order to search for Animal, the Babies must confront their fears of going into the basement, as they think it is the Temple of Doom.



Muppet Babies: Baby Kermit (as Indiana Frog), Baby Piggy, Baby Fozzie, Baby Gonzo, Baby Rowlf, Baby Scooter, Baby Skeeter, Baby Animal
Supporting Characters: Nanny, Mola ram


  • The live-action scenes show the cult offering and the famous mine cart chase from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. An animated Mola Ram tells the babies he has trapped them, and his face is fully visible. Mola Ram's animated appearance shows one of the few times a grown-up is visible to the babies.
  • The episode title is a reference to the first Indiana Jones film, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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