Sesame Tree
Sesame Tree 104
Plot The Sesame Tree is divided
Theme The Importance of Sharing

"The Share Necessities" is the third episode of Sesame Tree.

When Hilda finds Potto has eaten all her grapes without sharing, they get into an argument and split the Sesame Tree in half. They get a question from their machine, asking about the importance of sharing. Potto consults a book, "The Share Necessities", which describes the Lochrin quintuplets. Once Hilda has gone to meet them, Potto consults the computer to find out more on sharing. When seeing that even Ernie and Bert can share, he decides it was a bad idea to split up the tree. He then sees Hilda with the quintuplets using the "Potto-scope" and decides it's time to take down the barrier and start sharing.


  • Song: Cookie Monster sings "What is Friend?" (second verse only)
  • Bert is sitting in his chair and reading the paper, when Ernie comes along and starts reading over Bert's shoulder. They decide to share the paper. Ernie rips it in half, which seems to work until Bert starts reading over Ernie's shoulder.


  • This episode was screened during the Northern Ireland Film Festival in November 2008.

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