The Furchester Hotel
Air date October 4, 2014
Writer Kathy Waugh
Director Jack Jameson

Furgus has a hard time keeping up with the different people in the lobby. His problem is worsened when the hotel phone won't work. He, Elmo and Phoebe break out the back-up phone - a series of cans and strings. However, their messages become muddled.

Professor Fleece, a guest for the yodeling convention, overhears the problem and offers to help. He believes yodeling is the best form of communication for the hotel and leads a class for Furgus, Elmo, Phoebe, Funella and Cookie Monster. They quickly pick up on it and become graduates of his school.

The monsters put their new yodeling skills to the test by calling out for various things the guests need, but are instead answered by a pair of sheep. Soon, everyone is yodeling and no message can be heard. The sheep explain their yodels aren't directed toward any specific person. The monsters contemplate learning all 923 room numbers in yodel, when Harvey P. Dull points out their phone isn't connected. Elmo misses yodeling, but Furgus points out they can still yodel over the phone. He orders Mr. Dull his tea with a yodel and The Tea Time Monsters sweep Mr. Dull to the dining room.


Supporting Cast


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