The Furchester Hotel
Air date October 10, 2014
Writer George Poles
Director Jack Jameson

Local tour guide Griff (a dog) visits the Furchester with his 5 chicken tour guests. He plans on taking them to the famous Cluck-Cluck Museum, but must fetch his tour bus from the garage. Phoebe volunteers herself and Elmo to watch them while he's gone. Just after he leaves, one chicken, Mrs. Featherbottom, goes missing! Elmo notices a trail of feathers, which Phoebe follows.

In the dining room, Cookie Monster attempts to serve Harvey P. Dull his corn on the cob, which is unknowingly stolen by Mrs. Featherbottom from under the table. Phoebe discovers her and brings her back to the lobby. Cookie informs Mr. Dull there's no more corn and offers a consolation cookie (which he eats anyway). Phoebe returns to Elmo and the other chickens, when suddenly, two more chickens go missing!

Phoebe goes to ask Furgus if he's seen them, but he's too busy dealing with the broken lift; it's making odd sounds. She recognizes the sounds as clucking and opens the door, revealing the two chickens bothering a woman (who's hat resembles a chicken). They get all five chickens together, just as Griff returns. Suddenly, Gonger signifies Monster Tea Time and the Tea Time Monsters run through the lobby, taking the chickens with them.

Funella thinks it's a catastrophe, when Griff shows how to solve the problem - he possesses a whistle that attracts them and brings them right back.

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