The Jim Henson Hour
Air Date May 14, 1989
Director Peter Harris



A title card was added when aired as a special on the Odyssey Network.


Jim Henson and Miss Piggy in a promotional photo for Miss Piggy's Hollywood

Plot Outline

Jim Henson's Intro

Jim Henson talks about the second half hour, Miss Piggy's Hollywood. (In the half-hour version, Jim says that Bobby McFerrin can make anything into music, and that maybe he can make the Lion a musician.)


Kermit struggles to keep the show's ratings up, while Digit experiences various malfunctions.


Features the first Hurting Something sketch, as well as the first appearances of Zondra, Ubu and Chip.


Jim Henson and the lion put on sunglasses, because they are going to Hollywood, as they introduce the second half.

Miss Piggy's Hollywood

Miss Piggy presents a tour of Hollywood, assisted by Gonzo. She tries to interview "the family of stars," but none of them want to talk to her.


Jim Henson demonstrates a dog Graffiti Muppet and introduces it to The Thought Lion.


  • As can be told by the title, this was the first episode produced, although it aired as the fifth episode. The second half of this episode was originally going to feature The Soldier and Death. As a result, Jim Henson's intro was retaped to accomodate the change.[1]
  • Despite none of his characters appearing, Jerry Nelson can be seen in the MuppeTelevision portion as Mr. Harry Stapleton, representing a key demographic of one.
  • According to the May 17, 1989 issue of Star-News, this episode was the lowest rated TV program among the major three networks the week it aired (72nd out of 77 shows among all four networks) with a 5.2 household rating (viewed in about 4.7 million households).
  • This episode premiered on Mother's Day 1989, and was also the first episode to air in a Sunday night slot. Jim makes note of both of these events in his intro.
  • Judging from an airing taped in Nova Scotia, Canadian broadcasts of this episode featured a different shot of Jim Henson walking down the stairs to greet the viewers. He pets the lion much more affectionately. This appears to be an "international" version of the intro, as Jim does not mention "Mother's Day."
  • Four different intros with Jim Henson aired for the Bobby McFerrin episode. The "Jim Henson Hour" episode aired with and without mentioning "Mother's Day," while the half-hour "Jim Henson Show" featured both "Ratings" and "Miss Piggy's Hollywood." There was also an unaired intro in the pilot version where Jim introduced "The Soldier and Death."
  • The footage of Miss Piggy phoning Muppet Central from a phone booth was taped in the parking lot of VTR Productions. Steve Whitmire puppeteered Piggy.[2]



Kermit the Frog, Bean Bunny, Vicki, Waldo C. Graphic, Gonzo, Leon, Miss Piggy, Graffiti Muppets, Statler and Waldorf, Zondra, Ubu, Chip, Anthony, Fern, Link Hogthrob, Bob, Bruno

Background Muppets

Lew Zealand, Marvin Suggs

Muppet Performers

Supporting Cast



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  2. Behind-the-scenes footage:

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