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The Muppet Show
Guest Jim Nabors
Production June 8, 1976
Premiere UK: September 26, 1976
NYC: September 27, 1976
Releases Season One


A young kid named Scooter applies for a job as a go-fer. When Kermit remarks that he doesn't even look like a gopher, Scooter explains that he'll go-fer coffee, he'll go-fer sandwiches, he'll go-fer anything. Kermit says he doesn't have the money to hire him, until Scooter mentions that his uncle owns the theater.



Picture Description

"The Muppet Show Theme": Fozzie jokes about his cousin being so thin, he paints his head gold and rents himself out as a flagpole.

The O is completely empty, so Gonzo hits himself in the head.
Dr. Teeth plays "Money" for the opening number. As the song reaches its climax, Dr. Teeth pulls a lever on the side of his piano, and it acts as a lotto machine, pouring out bills and coins.
Scooter introduces himself to Kermit, explaining that he's the new go-fer: He'll go-fer coffee, go-fer sandwiches, anything you need. Kermit doesn't want to hire him, until Scooter informs him that his uncle owns the theater. Scooter is instantly hired and making thirty dollars a week.
Talking Houses: One house reveals that his wife has the shingles.

Guest star Jim Nabors sings "Gone with the Wind." But a storm starts brewing, blowing Jim's partner away, and eventually Jim's pants as well.
Muppet News Flash: The Newsman interviews Billy Lee Boomer about a flying saucer sighting at his gas station: "They didn't want no gas. They just wanted to use the restroom."
Scooter brings Kermit his coffee, but spills it on him. Despite the heat, Kermit is mainly concerned that there was too much sugar. Scooter then sells Kermit on an act that his uncle loves...
The Danceros perform to "Bye Bye Blues," at Scooter's suggestion, but trips up over his own feet.
Blackout: Jim tells Animal to "break a leg." Animal complies by hitting Jim with a hammer.
Kermit introduces Scooter to George the Janitor. George immediately starts to complain about the theater owner. That is, until Scooter just so happens to mention that the theater is owned by his uncle. George tells Scooter that his uncle has a good head on his shoulders, adding "Unlike some people around here." A headless Muppet then walks by.
At the Dance: Zoot asks Janice if she believes in the hereafter. When she says she does, he states, "Then you know what I'm here after."

The headless body seen just before in the backstage tells a bodiless head, "You've got something I've been looking for all my life."
UK Spot: Baskerville sings "Dog Eat Dog" while Rowlf backs him up on the piano.
Talk Spot: Jim feels right at home around all the chickens, roosters and pigs on The Muppet Show. He then discusses being a Gemini with Miss Piggy, explaining how his astrological sign accounts for his twin personalities Jim/Gomer Pyle, and how he believes it allows him to sing in an operatic style.
Fozzie is certain that the jokes Scooter gave him are no good. But when he tries them out on his friends, they think the jokes are a riot! Fozzie goes in search of Scooter for more jokes.
Wayne and Wanda sing "Indian Love Call," but are interrupted by an Indian who thinks they are calling for him.
Fozzie's Comedy Acts: Fozzie, tired of Statler and Waldorf's heckling, makes a deal with them: He'll tell his best joke, and if they don't laugh, he'll never come out onstage again. But Fozzie tricks them, telling his worst joke, which they find hilarious. Statler determines that they must be in the first stages of senility.
Jim is a security guard at a bakery when Rowlf "breaks in." Jim tells him to put up his "hans." Rowlf takes up a pair of hens and places them on the table. Jim then asks, "What raight do you have to be here?" Rowlf then presents the rat that he brought with him. Jim then tells him not to move a hair. Rowlf picks up a rabbit, the hare that he's not supposed to move. But Jim doesn't want any beef from Rowlf, so instead Rowlf gives him some pork. He then explains that they came to the bakery to raise some dough.
Scooter tells Fozzie what a fan he is of the bear. Fozzie then tells him a joke: "Let me tell you about my near-sighted cousin. He's so rich, his automobile's fitted with a prescription windshield!" Scooter responds, "Okay, tell me about him."
Jim sings "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" with The Gogolala Jubilee Jugband.
At the closing, Jim mentions to Kermit how Scooter was following him throughout the show. He explains how Scooter picked up his coffee and picked up his wardrobe. He even picked up his accent! "Well, go-o-olly!"

Echoing the introduction of Scooter, some main characters introduce themselves at the end of the episode : "I'm Fozzie ! - I'm Piggy ! - I'm Animal !"


  • Scooter had previously appeared in Episodes 101, 102 and 104, but this one properly introduces him. (All his scenes in the first two episodes were reshot scenes from the pilots.)
  • In the Latin Spanish dub of this episode, the joke of the characters introducing themselves is replaced with Fozzie, Piggy, and Animal claiming that they also want money (in response to Kermit warning Jim that Scooter might "pick up his paycheck").
  • The talk spot reveals Kermit as a Taurus, which aligns with the later establishment of his birthday as May 9th.


Both scenes appear fully intact on the German release of the episode, including the optional English sound track, as well as on the Disney+ release of the episode.
  • Disney+ includes a preceding disclaimer about negative stereotypes in this episode, although no instances are mentioned specifically.

TV Listings

The Glasgow Herald: "Jim Nabors is guest."



Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Rowlf the Dog, Scooter, Statler and Waldorf, Hilda, Dr. Teeth, Zoot, Janice, Animal, The Newsman, Sam the Eagle, Danceros, Baskerville the Hound, George the Janitor, Mildred Huxtetter, Shouting Lady, Wayne, Wanda, The Houses, Whatnots

Background Muppets:

The Gogolala Jubilee Jugband, Catgut, Gonzo, Rat, Pigs, Chickens, Bernie


Jim Henson as Kermit the Frog, Dr. Teeth, Rowlf, Waldorf, and The Newsman
Frank Oz as Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy, Animal, Sam the Eagle, George the Janitor, and Mildred
Jerry Nelson as Baskerville, Shouting Lady, Shouting Lady's dancing partner, one of The Houses, and an Indian
Richard Hunt as Scooter, Statler, Chicken, and Wayne
Dave Goelz as The Great Gonzo and Zoot
Eren Ozker as Hilda, Wanda, Janice, and Rowlf's dancing partner
John Lovelady as Danceros, one of The Houses, and headless dancer


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Rita Moreno Florence Henderson