Animal Jam
Air Date March 3, 2003
Written by John Derevlany and Mark Hoffmeier
Director David Gumpel

Waffle the Cow-Monkey wants to play a superhero game called Pretzel Monkey. However, Edi the Zebra says they have played it two hundred times and she wants to play Secret Agent Z instead. Waffle still want to play his game and Edi says he is very stubborn for not wanting to change. To convinced Waffle to be flexible in the mind, Edi sings a song about Rudy the Mule, who would sleep on the ground and not move. Waffle is not convinced and believes that if he sings about "Pretzel Monkey," it would make Edi want to play his game. At the DJs' workstation, the DJs decide to become bad guys and steal Pretzel Monkey's pretzel that would make anyone flexible in the body. Edi and Waffle decide to work together by having Edi ask some super smart questions while Waffle sneaks behind the DJs and gets his pretzel back. They learned that they were flexible in the mind to combine the two games together into a whole new game.


  • Rudy The Mule
  • Pretzel Monkey
  • Bozark Flexin

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