Dog City
Air Date November 14, 1992
Written by Marty Isenberg & Robert N. Skir
Director John Van Bruggen (animation), David Gumpel (Muppets)

Eliot's television set breaks down, and repairman Mr. MacTaggart struggles to repair it, often causing mishaps which interrupt the animator's work. However, the old workman also remarks that there was more magic in the radio era, inspiring Eliot to plot a nostalgia-themed whodunnit for Ace Hart.

In the cartoon world, a string of violent “accidents” are plaguing station WFIDO, targeting the cast and crew of popular soap opera It's a Dog's Life in particular. Ace Hart is hired by station owner Styles Silverbark to investigate, and announcer Orson Welp is equally distressed.

Almost everyone who works on Dog's Life is a suspect, from boozy Bernard St. Bernard and starlet Misty Whiskers to Spot the Dog of a Thousand Voices, organist Miss Dunn, and the elderly sound man Rusty McCracken. The line-up diminishes as those concerned are injured, however, and Ace remains stumped until a final on-air confrontation with the culprit.


  • The cast of It's a Dog's Life consists of Bernard St. Bernard (Rex Rover), Misty Whiskers (Feline Fatale), Spot (Poochie, Jeeves, Sparky, Fido and others), and announcer Orson Welp.

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