The Ghost of Faffner Hall
Air Date October 16, 1989
Written by Jocelyn Stevenson and Patrick Barlow
Director Tony Kysh

Fughetta Faffner is doing her half century sound check of Faffner Hall, as stated in page 17, paragraph 4C of rules of the dead, in order to make sure that there's only one ghost in the hall. Even though it's a secret Fughetta tells Mimi and Riff about the sound check and Farkas Faffner overhears the conversation and comes up with a plan of getting rid of Fughetta.

During the check Fughetta hears a few ghostly sounds. One of them turned out to be a symphony orchestra under the direction of H.K. Gruber, another sound was Dizzy Gillespie and his trumpet.

All of a sudden a ghostly voice starts to talk to Fughetta, that presents itself as the ghost of J.J. Ready that invented the cash register in 1877. The gang decides to fight the new ghost so Fughetta won't have to leave. Fughetta stops the time and discovers that the ghost really is Farkas Faffner.


Main Characters

Riff, Fughetta Faffner, Farkas Faffner, Mimi, The Wild Impresario, Faffner Hall Composer Busts

Background Characters

Cows, Gills Brothers

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