Bear in the Big Blue House
106 Share, Bear
Premiere October 27, 1997
Written by Andy Yerkes
Director Hugh Martin
Theme Sharing
Book.Two Can Share, Too

The 1999 storybook adaptation, Two Can Share, Too.

On a nice day at the Big Blue House, Bear is doing some gardening and friends are playing together quietly. At least, they were, until Ojo and Treelo have a disagreement when Treelo wants to play with Ojo's favorite stuffed toy Snow Bear. Bear suggests a way they could both play together. Meanwhile, Tutter has created a large sandwich and Pip and Pop want to have some. Tutter, however, thinks that he can eat it all himself. In the Shadow segment, Shadow retells the story of Baa Baa Black Sheep.



  • This episode was adapted in book form as Two Can Share, Too.
  • The closing credits run unusually long. At the end of the closing credits, the dog in the Shadow Projects logo quacks like a duck.
  • This episode includes a brief Real Kids segment in which some kids talk about things that they share.
  • It is revealed that Bear had his own Snow Bear when he was a kid.

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