Air Date April 23, 1999
Written by David Wilks
Director Rowan Woods


D'Argo enters a Luxan hyper rage directed at John Crichton, apparently with the reason that John is another male. D'argo leaves the ship and spends a few days on a nearby planet, afterwards the crew goes looking for him, only to find him in a very happy state among the population of Sykarans. It turns out that the population are addicted on a plant called Tannot Root, that makes them extremely happy and easy to control, by their leader Volmae. However a few of the native are immune to it's effect and they recruit John to help them out. It turns out that the Tannnot Root are used to fuel Peacekeeper weapons, and that it's the Peacekeepers that are responsible for turning the planets population into mindless slaves.

Guest stars

Angie Milliken (Volmae), Ken Blackburn (Hybin), Tina Thomsen (Tanga), Selina Muller(D'Argo's Girlfriend), Mark Slocum (Sykaran Male), Peter Baroch (Sykaran Male)


Crichton makes references to Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, the Grateful Dead and Snow White.


  • Production number 106

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