The Furchester Hotel
Air date October 11, 2014
Writer Steve Cannon
Director Jack Jameson

Funella has hired the singing group, the Veggietones, to sing at the Furchester and make the guests happy. The vegetable quartet arrives and instantly makes Elmo and Isabel happy with their singing. Funella lets them roam the hotel and sing to whomever they want. Elmo and Phoebe follow.

The Veggietones first stop at Harvey P. Dull's room and disrupt his sleep with a tune, which doesn't please him. They then stop by Ms. Gator's room, where they walk in on her bath time. She too is furious with the Veggietones. They even stop the Tea Time Monsters from having their tea. Funella sees it's a catastrophe. Cookie Monster suggests they give them a cookie; one can't think about singing while eating cookies. Furgus thinks they can have them sing in the newly-fixed lift.

The Veggietones take their place in the lift and Phoebe and Elmo convince Mr. Snorkel to ride with them. He enjoys it and doesn't wish to get out. A few more guests join, filling it to capacity. The other guests want to hear the Veggietones sing, but they're too busy riding in the lift with Mr. Snorkel and the rest. Phoebe and Elmo get an idea of where they'd be better suited.

The two install a performance area in the lobby, where the Veggie tones can perform to a large group of guests, who are all happy, just as Funella dreamed.

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