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Fraggle Rock
Air Date February 21, 1983
Written by Jocelyn Stevenson
Director Perry Rosemond

Red and Mokey sing the tricky Beetle Song.

Sprocket rummages for a costume for a party.

Uncle Traveling Matt observes the behavior of pigs.

Red is jealous and tired when everyone pays attention to Mokey's poems, so she decides to change herself to be more like Mokey like letting her hair down, wearing a robe-like sweater, and gathering radishes from The Gorgs' Garden.

Meanwhile, Doc and Sprocket get invitations to the Society's Costume Party and decide what to wear at the costume party.

Fraggle Facts

  • According to Boober's book of diseases, the symptoms of bacterial sufferosis are funny hair and a weird voice -- two attributions that can describe most Fraggles.


  • In The Hub reruns, the part where Boober sees Wembley sleeping and snoring and says, "And now your voice is weird! This is the worst case of sufferosis I've ever seen" is cut.
  • At Muppetfest, Karen Prell said that she originally wanted to play Mokey and was disappointed that she was cast as Red. "That was the great thing about Jim...He saw the potential in you that sometimes you didn't see yourself." Early on in the series, Red imitated Mokey, and Karen got to see how really different they were: "That's the show when I discovered who Red was. From then on, it was clear sailing, and it was one of the best things in my life."

International versions

  • French version: Doc is rehearses for his upcoming stage performance as a swashbuckling Cyrano de Bergerac. His constant rehearsal bores Croquette. Frustrated, Doc asks Croquette who he'd like to see him play, offering Tarzan as an option. Croquette naturally wants to see him portray a dog. The postcard is identical to the North American version.


Video releases

International episode titles

  • Denmark: "Jeg vil være som dig" (I want to be like you)
  • Finland: "Vaihtaisin osia" (Exchange the Parts)
  • France: "Je veux être toi" (I Want to Be You)
  • Germany: "Wenn ich Du wäre" (If I Were You)
  • Japan: "モーキーになりたい" (I Want to Become Mokey)
  • Netherlands: "Ik wil zijn zoals jij" (I want to be like you)
  • Norway: "Jeg vil være deg" (I want to be you)
  • Poland: "Chciałabym być tobą" (I would like to be you)
  • Portugal: "A Crise de Identidade da Red" (The Identity Crisis of Red)
  • Spain: "Quiero ser tu" (I added you)
  • Sweden: "Vips revansch" (Red's revenge)

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