The Furchester Hotel
Air date October 17, 2014
Writer Andrew Jones and Ciaran Murtagh
Director Jack Jameson

While Funella tries to welcome the hotel's latest guests - the Amoebas, Harvey P. Dull requests some toast sent up to his room. Cookie Monster's unable to serve him; he's waiting outside for today's cookie delivery. Elmo wants to deliver the toast, but Phoebe warns him it's harder than it looks and proceeds to show him.

Phoebe shows him how to prepare the toast tray and goes to the harder part - getting the toast to the room. There's many obstacles to watch out for, including the bump in the rug and running into guests. Elmo makes it to Mr. Dull's door, but is unable to open it with the try. He tries anyway, spilling the toast to the floor. Phoebe quickly runs back down and returns with a replacement slice. Elmo feels upset for his screw up, but Phoebe thinks he'll do better next time.

Back downstairs, Mr. Dull orders some more toast. However, Phoebe is left in charge of the front desk while Funella brings her microscopic guests somewhere else to count and Cookie waits for the next cookie delivery (he ate all of the last). Elmo is the only one who can bring the toast to Mr. Dull. Elmo carefully follows the steps and (despite an encounter with The Tea Time Monsters) successfully makes it to Mr. Dull's room with the toast. Now, some horses what toast sent to the Stable Room and Elmo is happy to fetch it.

Supporting Cast[1]


  1. Communication with performer by Anthony T.

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