Dog City
Air Date November 28, 1992
Written by Marty Isenberg, Robert N. Skir & Michael Edens, Mark Edens
Director John Van Bruggen (animation)

Colleen Barker, Eliot's neighbor, asks Eliot to puppysit her nephew Pomeroy. Eliot quickly finds out that the previously sweet looking pup turns out to be a paw-ful. However, Pomeroy becomes the inspiration for Eliot's next Ace Hart adventure.

Puppy-Face Felson, a cute but notorious criminal dog, sets up a plot with Bugsy Vile and his gang to steal Zsa Zsa Gbark's Hope on a Rope Diamond.

The plan goes awry when Puppyface is put into Ace's custody until his 'parents' are found.


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The Bloodhound Ya Gotta Have Hart
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