Sesame Tree
Sesame Tree 108
Plot Hilda is nervous to admit to Potto that she broke his toy.
Theme Honesty is the Best Policy
Air date July 30, 2008

CSI Sesame Tree was episode 8 of Sesame Tree. The title refers to CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Hilda breaks one of Potto's toys by accident, but she's so nervous he'll be angry that she's scared to own up. The question comes in, "Why do I have to own up if it was an accident?" Hilda visits a pair of boys in her same situation who choose to do the right thing, and say they’re sorry. Meanwhile Potto stays in the tree and learns from his friends around the world how to accept an apology.

Educational goals

According to the BBC website:

The child will have the opportunity to look at:

  • their responsibilities for self and others;
  • their own and others' feelings and emotions;
  • how to respond appropriately in conflict situations;
  • learning to live as a member of the community.


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