The Furchester Hotel
Air date October 18, 2014
Writer Howard Read
Director Helen Scott

Isabel is awaiting a visit from her cousin, Dinger. However, she begins developing an odd squeak when dinging. Furgus tries oiling her, but ends up spilling it all over the lobby. Soon, Isabel has developed a full-blown case of the Ding-Ups, a bell monster version of the hiccups.

Phoebe brings Isabel to the dining room for some water, while Elmo pretends to ding to alert Funella of incoming guests. The water doesn't help, so Phoebe tries surprising Isabel, which works for normal hiccups. It instead startles Cookie Monster, who ends up breaking his cookies (but, he makes the best of it by eating them all anyway). Meanwhile, Furgus tries to clean up his oil spills.

Isabel seems to be fine now and the spills seem to be gone, until the Tea Time Monsters slip on the floor and Isabel's Ding-Ups return. Furgus tickles Isabel to cheer her up, when Phoebe sees it improves her case. They all tickle her, curing her Ding-Ups. Just in time, Cousin Dinger arrives and the two begin conversing in ding, until the Dinger develops his own case of Ding-Ups.

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