Animal Jam
Air Date March 5, 2003
Written by John Derevlany
Director David Gumpel

When Waffle shows off his new dance move, Scramble Eggs with a Jalapeño Twist, to Edi, the DJs like his new dance that they start to copy him. When Edi tries to show off her dance, "The Scooch," no one is giving her any attention and is only interest in Waffle’s new dance. Edi wished that she were big so she can get the attention. At the end, Edi realized that it is not about what size you are, but how you move your body. Waffle also assures her that she is the right size no matter what. Edi is even more surprise when the DJs, Waffle, Bozark, and the kids are doing "The Scooch."


  • Standing Tall
  • Jam It
  • Bozark Standin

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