Mopatop's Shop
Written by Karen Wallace
Director Simon Spencer

Mopatop opens the episode by offering a curly shell, a golden bell or a happy Snail, who are wearing a pair of glasses that makes it feel great, he asks Mopatop if he wants them back, Mopatop takes them just in case another customer should need them. Mopatop explains to Puppyduck that the glases are for looking at the bright side of things, however they don't work if you are already happy. Meanwhile a wastepaper bin are moving around in the background.

A Porcupine enters the shop, she is always in a hurry and are always late, her furry feet are not quick enough. While Mopatop and Puppyduck are looking in the fast footwear department, the Porcupine notice the moving wastepaper bin and gets a little scared by it and hurries out of the shop. Then they notice the wastepaper bin behind the counter and it's starts saying wory wory wory, it turns out to be a Worry Wart, who are worrying if the sky falls down on it's head. Mopatop start to offer the wort various things, but the Worry Wart finds something to worry about all the things for instance a sunny day might melt him and a monster then could step on him and so on. His worrying are starting to affect the mouse family. Mopatop thinks the Worry Wart should have the glasses, Mopatop convinces the Worry Wart to try on the glasses. And they start to sing a song about not worrying.


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