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The Jim Henson Hour
Air Date July 30, 1989
Director Peter Harris



JHH promo 109


Plot Outline[]

Cold Opening[]

Kermit asks Digit to hit the button to start the opening, but Digit mistakenly hits the button that dumps garbage into the studio. The garbage comes to life.

Jim Henson's Intro[]

Jim Henson sees the Thought Lion eating chips, and tells him that he'll spoil his appetite. In the control room, Kermit tells Jim that the place is covered in garbage. The garbage, however, prefers to be called "previously essential material." (In the half-hour version, Jim comes out holding a cowboy hat to introduce K.D. Lang.)


The Muppet studio is overwhelmed with animated garbage bags and Kermit can't find a way to get rid of them.


The StoryTeller[]

  • Episode 108: Sapsorrow: A princess flees when she's forced to marry her father. She poses as a ragged servant in another kingdom -- and then falls in love with a haughty prince.

Jim Henson's Closing[]

Jim demonstrates performing a Garbage puppet, and says that it was made from a real trash bag.


  • This was the final episode to air on NBC.
  • Canadian broadcasts of this episode omitted 1 minute, 5 seconds of material after the nature documentary, in which Digit uses what he thinks is a flamethrower. This also omits the introduction of the garbage scow captain.
  • The garbage Muppets were later used in the "I See a Kingdom" sequence in The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland, and the rabbit was re-used as Jack Rabbit in Kermit's Swamp Years.



Kermit the Frog, Garbage, Bean Bunny, Digit, Gonzo, Leon, Waldo C. Graphic, Clifford, Link Hogthrob, Gramps, The Rats, Rowlf the Dog, Beard, Flash


Live Action Performers[]

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