The Furchester Hotel
Air date October 24, 2014
Writer Luis Santiero
Director Jack Jameson

The Furchester is holding a special "Mystery Weekend," complete with famous detectives, Miss Marbles and Penguin Mason. However, there isn't a mystery for them to solve. Meanwhile, Inspector Raccoonseau checks in, having an impulse for polishing shiny things around the hotel.

Funella quickly hides her paperweight so the detectives can solve a mystery, when she sees it's actually disappeared! The same goes for Ms. Marbles' pen and Mason's magnifying glass. Miss Marbles finds some feathers and they accuse Mrs. Cluckington, a chicken covered in jewels. She is insulted to be accused and leaves, when her tiara goes missing! The detectives go to question Cookie Monster, while Phoebe and Elmo trying solving the mystery themselves.

The two monsters notice Raccoonseau has been polishing shiny things, and recall all the missing things are shiny. They set a trap for him and witness him walking off with a shiny spoon. They alert the detectives, who inspect Raccoonseau's room, which is full of shiny items from all over the hotel. He apologizes and vows to ask before borrowing items. The detectives make Elmo and Phoebe honorary detectives, awarding them some shiny badges that Raccoonseau shines.

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  1. Communication with performer by Anthony T.

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