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Fraggle Rock
Air Date March 7, 1983
Written by Jerry Juhl
Director Perry Rosemond

The Treasure, in all its glory.

The Fraggles venture out into the Gorg's castle to look for the treasure.

Sprocket gives rollerskating a try.

Gobo and Red find a map that leads to the ancient Treasure of Fraggle Rock. They consider keeping the treasure for themselves, but when they discover that the map leads them inside the the Gorgs' Castle, they realize that they'll need their friends' help.

Meanwhile, Doc and Sprocket get a trunk from a rummage sale and they plan to get it open.

Fraggle Facts

  • In this episode, we see that Gorgs don't just eat radishes; Junior Gorg also likes to eat peach pie with lots of garlic.
  • This episode contains an enigmatic reference to Fraggle history. When Gobo finds the ancient map, he remarks that it was drawn at "the time of the Third Drafting," which was "about a zillion squintillion days ago!" It is never explained when the Third Drafting was, or what it refers to.
  • Fraggles don't seem to have a notion of wealth or currency, as to them having diamonds and being rich simply means having a lot of skipping stones.
  • The Treasure of the Ancient Fraggles ended up being a music box varient.


  • All of the songs in this episode are instrumentals.

International versions

  • French version: Doc wants to use his latest find, a metal detector to find his uncle's hidden wealth, no doubt buried beneath the house. Tearing up the floorboards, Doc and Croquette dig, and find a chest. While most of the contents are negligible, Doc proudly bestows a rare stamp upon Croquette, to add to his collection. Meanwhile, Uncle Matt wins a small metal statuette at a carnival-style ball toss establishment. Braced by his good fortune, he heads to an outdoor cafe, where a set of cans are displayed on the counter. Presented with a bit of food, Matt naturally assumes it's another missile, and again hits the mark. The proprietor, incensed, gestures for Matt to leave, but the latter assumes he's won an even larger park sculpture.


Video releases

International episode titles

  • Denmark: "Fragglernes forsvundne skat" (Fraggle Rock's Lost Ark)
  • Finland: "Aarteen Metsästys" (Treasure Hunt) (DVD title: "Kadonneen aarteenetsijät" [Lost treasure seekers])
  • France: "Le trésor perdu des Fraggles" (The Lost Treasure of the Fraggles)
  • Germany: "Der verlorene Schatz der Fraggles" (The Lost Treasure of the Fraggles)
  • Japan: "発見!まぼろしの宝物" (Discovered! The Phantom Treasure)
  • Netherlands: "De verborgen schat van de Freggels" (The Hidden Treasure of the Fraggles)
  • Norway: "Fragglenes tapte skatt"
  • Poland: "Legendarny skarb" (The Legendary Treasure)
  • Portugal: "O tesouro Perdido dos Fraggles"
  • Spain: "El tesoro de los Fraggle" (The Treasure of Fraggles)
  • Sweden: "Skattjakten" (Treasure Hunt)

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