Animal Jam
Air Date March 6, 2003
Written by John Derevlany and Kati Rocky
Director Jimmy Huckaby

Waffle wants to play with Edi's new favorite toy, Ginger the Jungle Slug, but Edi wants to play with it now and told Waffle he can have his turn later on. Not giving up, Waffle challenged Edi to a contest to determine who can play with Ginger for the day. Edi challenge him to a freezing contest to see who can stand still the longest, but Waffle has a hard time standing still and Edi keeps winning the contest every time Waffle challenge her. When Waffle finally wins the contest and gets to play with Ginger, he notices Edi is sad that he decides to give Ginger back to her. He tells her that it is not his kind of toy and likes it better when Edi was playing with it.


  • Stop, Listen, See What You’ve Been Missing
  • Shake a Leg
  • Bozark Listenin

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