The StoryTeller
(as part of The Jim Henson Hour)
Three Ravens
Air Date 1990
Written by Anthony Minghella
Director Paul Weiland

The Three Ravens aired as the second half of Episode 112: Food of The Jim Henson Hour.

An evil witch used her powers to charm a widowed king into marrying her, however she finds his children are standing in the way to her power. The witch uncovers the children's secret hiding place and turns the three princes into ravens. The princess escapes. However, in order to break the spell and free her brothers from life as a bird, she cannot speak a word for three years, three months, and three days. This become a challenge when she falls in love.



  • This episode aired in the UK in 1990. It didn't air in North America until 1997, when HBO aired reruns of the series.

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