The Furchester Hotel
Air date October 25, 2014
Writer Ian Carney
Director Helen Scott

A group of sheep guests arrive at the hotel, but are unable to understand Funella's welcome until Phoebe speaks sheep to them. She then helps Cookie Monster get the right order to Mrs. Woofberg, who only speaks dog. She is then able to help Furgus communicate to Mr. Cheesechomper about the incoming Tea Time Monsters. Everyone is proud of her ability to speak animal, leading to a song about her skills.

Some of the animal guests request more from the front desk, when Phoebe starts losing her voice completely. Funella duduces it's a case of Monster Mumblitis, an illness that affects monsters when they talk to much. Phoebe must rest her voice, but how will the others talk to the animal guests?

Funella proposes they act out what they want to say, but Mrs. Woofberg doesn't understand. Phoebe then points to Elmo's chalk, meaning they can communicate through drawings. The solution works initially, until the monsters are unable to figure out some of the guest drawings. Just then, Phoebe's voice returns and she's able to help again. Elmo thanks her by drawing a picture of them together.

Supporting Cast

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