Mopatop's Shop
Written by Karen Wallace
Director Simon Spencer

Mopatop opens the episode by offering a silver key, a Christmas tree or a fluffy baby seal. The postal bird arrives with a letter containing a puzzle from Billy the Bull "How can a bull play a tune on a bicycle", if Mopatop are able to find the answer in the shop he will win a prize. Mopatop and Puppyduck quicly starts to see if they can figure it out, by taking a closer look on a bicycle in the shop. Meanwhile up in the attic the Mouse Family, are playing on their instruments, Mother Mouse playing the sax, Father Mouse the flute and Moosey Mouse the trumpet.

Puppyduck are about to give up after trying to blow on the handlebars on the bike. Mopatop starts to sing a song, since singing helps him think. After the song Mopatop thinks he has the answer, Billy the Bull can play a tune using a bicycle horn. Just then Billy enters the shop and Mopatop presents him with a horn for the bicycle. Billy likes it and congratulate them with the good answer. The prize turns out to be a terrific tune on the bicycle by Billy.


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