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The Jim Henson Hour
Air Date 1992
Director Peter Harris


Plot Outline

Jim Henson takes viewers on a behind the scenes look at the making of The Jim Henson Hour and many other Henson productions. Back at the control room, the Muppets all freak out that their secrets are being revealed.


  • NBC cancelled The Jim Henson Hour after nine episodes. This episode, filmed in 1989, first aired on American TV in 1992, as a stand-alone special on Nickelodeon.
  • This is the only episode of The Jim Henson Hour that aired as a stand-alone special with the original Jim Henson Hour opening included.
  • This episode was announced for release on laserdisc in Japan by KSS Films with a literally translated title: Mystery of the Muppets. It is not known whether this laserdisc was ever released.
  • This episode's script was finalized on April 19, 1989.[1]
  • In this episode, there's a joke that Gonzo doesn't have real hands, so every time he picks up the red phone, it cuts to a different angle where the phone is already attached to his hand. They do this again and again to point it out for the audience. They're presumably referencing a scene in episode 105 where Gonzo picks up the red phone and hands it to Kermit. However, in that episode the shot is done without cuts, quite seamlessly.


The Nickelodeon airing had a few fades-to-black at different parts of the special than what was intended for it's NBC broadcast. In addition, Nickelodeon edited a little of the scene originally intended on being seen after the first commercial break, with Jim Henson saying "and so, tonight we're revealing The Secrets of the Muppets", as well as the ending of the "Couldn't We Ride" clip, which showed The Jim Henson Hour logo playing over close-up footage of Pops and the rats.





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