The Animal Show
Sea Lion
Air Date Dec 9, 1994

Stinky fears the first guest, and gets Jake to balance a ball on his nose (since the sea lion wouldn't do it).


  • Opening
  • That's Amazing: A shark that can drown
  • Guest: Achilles the Shark
  • Baby Talk: Seals have a swim
  • Song: Being Small Isn't Bad at All
  • Tizzy's Quiz: Do fish lay eggs?
  • Yves St. La Roache: shows how to give dry food (wrapped in plastic) to a shark
  • Guest: Slick the Sea Lion
  • Song: Slick sings The Sea Lion Song
  • Animal Awards: strangest-looking shark
  • Story: A family of bluefish play tag around a sea urchin
  • Habitat Time: the coral reef
  • Tizzy's Quiz: What's the name of the biggest fish in the world?
  • Closing


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