Air Date June 25, 1999
Written by Sally Lapiduss
Director Ian Watson

The crew search Moya for hidden Peacekeeper devices, D'Argo locates a control panel, that he disconnects causing Moya to shake and he falls down a shaft, were he finds a Peacekeeper protective plate that he opens causing to be blown out of the ship. After D'Argo have been rescued and revived he seems to have memory issues, he thinks the crew are his family and acts accordingly.

The plate that D'Argo removed was placed by the Peqacekeepers to prevent Moya becoming pregnant, causing Moya to protect her coming offspring by redirecting resources to it and thereby killing the crew. John Crichton manage to convince Moya that they won't harm her or her baby and Moya activates the various life support units again.

Guest stars

Alison Fox (Lo'Laan) and Grant Magee (Jothee)


  • Production number 110

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