Sesame English
Plot Tingo finds an elephant and zebra for Niki
Writer Brian Meehl
Director Rick Fernandes
Sponsors Z
Releases Animals & Pets 2

Sesame english titlecard

Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Niki is picking out some stuffed animals for her cousin, Jenny, but cannot find an elephant for her.
Animation Elephants appear in the clouds as Vivaldi music plays. (New voice overs)
Film A song about washing elephants using film inserts from elephants being washed at the Bronx Zoo.
SCENE 2 Tingo goes by Niki’s room and overhears Niki saying she needs an elephant for Jenny. Tingo finds it strange that she needs an elephant, but decides to go off to find one for her.

Tingo and the elephant
SCENE 2 cont’d Tingo ask a tiger if he has seen an elephant, but the tiger just keeps looking forward. Finally, Tingo finds some elephants and ask if they want to come over to Niki’s house, but they turn their backs to him and Tingo finds them rude.
Cartoon A map of India morphs into an elephant.
SCENE 3 Tingo calls out for Niki and tells her that he has found a big elephant for her. However, Niki tells Tingo that she needs a small elephant and a zebra.
Film A puzzle of a zebra is put together.
Muppets Muppet & Kid Moments: Cookie Monster and Lexine identify a letter Z.
SCENE 4 Tingo sees the tiger again and tells him that Niki wants a zebra now. Tingo notice the tiger looking at the viewer and replies that they are not zebras, but people. He tells the tiger that if he sees a Zebra to give him a call.
Film Kid jungle explorers sight a wild Letter Z.
Muppets The Mostly Monster Festival Choral Society presents "The Alphabet, Theme and Variations," by Mozart. (introduction cut and on-screen alphabet added)
SCENE 5 Tingo finds a zebra (using film footage) and goes off to get Niki. He tells Niki that he’s got a big zebra for her, but Niki tells him that she needs a very small zebra. Tingo returns once again to the tiger and asks if he has seen a small zebra, but the tiger still ignores him.
Film A film about the animals in the Bronx Zoo.
SCENE 6 Tingo says he has all the animals that Niki needs, but left the tiger out for good reason. Niki adds that she has all the animals and shows them to Tingo. Niki then hears an elephant noise and she follows it to Tingo’s trunk. Tingo reveals he has a small stuffed elephant and zebra. Niki hugs him and Tingo tells her that his pet, Dinky, wants a hug too.


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