Fraggle Rock
Air Date March 21, 1983
Written by David Young
Director Jim Henson

It's been two weeks since Uncle Matt's last postcard, and it's Gobo's responsibility to go out into Outer Space and rescue his uncle. He's terrified of going, and even Marjory the Trash Heap advises against it, but all of his friends expect him to go, and he's too proud to back out.

Meanwhile, Doc invents a Lightning Deflector for Sprocket in order to go for a walk in a thunderstorm.

Fraggle Facts

This episode reveals that Fraggles can catch such human diseases as Influenza, which is mentioned twice in this episode -- first by the Trash Heap, who casually attempts to soothe Gobo's fears as to the fate of his uncle by stating that "he may only have the flu." When Gobo finally does get his uncle's postcard, it turns out that Marjory was right -- Matt did catch and was recovering from the flu. Apparently, Influenza to a Fraggle is only about as serious as the common cold.


  • The costume that Gobo wears at the end of this episode is currently on display at the 30th Anniversary boutique at FAO Schwarz.                                   

International versions

  • French version: Worried by news of an energy crisis, Doc saddles Croquette one of Uncle Georges' gadgets, to act as a moving target and collect and utilize natural energy. Croquette's fears are only exacerbated by this. While Doc monitors the energy on a panel, he removes the lightning hat and sneaks back in. When the lightning rod is struck by lightning, Doc is shaken, and realizes that his dog is more important than an energy rate hike. Meanwhile, Uncle Matt rides atop of an automobile, noticing the French signs and motorists' reactions to lights and each other.


Video releases

International episode titles

  • Denmark: "Stik dit gab i en løve" (Stick your mouth in a lion)
  • Finland: "Häntää tiikeristä, sarvea sonnista"
  • France: "Prends La Queue Par Le Tigre" (Catch the Tail by the Tiger)
  • Germany: "Onkel Matt, wo bist du?" (Uncle Matt, Where Are You?)
  • Japan: "さよならゴーボー" (Farewell, Gobo)
  • Netherlands: "Sla de kop op de spijker" (Turn the nail on the head)
  • Norway: "På taket er tausheten dyr" (On the roof is the silence of animals)
  • Poland: "Złap tygrysa za ogon" (Catch a tiger by the tail)
  • Portugal: "Uma Missão de Salvamento" (A Rescue Mission)
  • Spain: "Coge la cola por el tigre" (Grab the tiger by the tail)
  • Sweden: "Knapp en tiger pa nosen" (Button a tiger on the nose)

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