Animal Jam
Air Date March 10, 2003
Written by John Derevlany and Kati Rocky
Director Dean Gordon

When Waffle's cowboy boots are hurting Waffle’s feet, Edi tells him to sit down and take a rest. However, Waffle has a hard time sitting down because he wants to keep dancing. So Edi finds a way that Waffle can still dance while sitting down. After a while, Waffle takes his left boot off and he finds a piece of candy inside it.

At the DJs’ workstation, DJ 3 is trying to find his favorite song, “Shake an Egg.” After hitting a few control buttons, he accidentally hits the buttons that make wigs fall on DJ 1 and DJ 2. The DJs all end up wearing wigs on their heads.


  • Sit Down and Dance
  • Shake a Leg
  • Bozark Sittin

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