The Furchester Hotel
Air date October 31, 2014
Writer Michael Goldberg
Director Helen Scott

The Furchester is expecting a special guest - Mr. Screech, an owl. Elmo and Phoebe are allowed to stay up late to meet him, but show signs of getting tired. Furgus shows them how he's staying awake - by balancing cushions on his head (thus, he can't be tired). Elmo and Phoebe try after Furgus spills his. They stay awake, but Furgus goes off to sleep.

Funella shows the two her method of staying awake - hugging and welcoming everything she can find. This keeps the young monsters awake, but exhausts Funella. Next, Harvey P. Dull comes downstairs to see Mr. Screech and reveals his plan to stay awake - sitting in an uncomfortable chair as opposed to his favorite comfy one. He finds the new chair just as comfy and falls right to sleep.

Cookie Monster now shows them his method - eating cookies (one can't sleep and eat cookies at the same time). Once the cookies run out, Cookie Monster instantly falls asleep. As they head back to the lobby, Phoebe dozes off too. Elmo keeps himself awake by pretending he's an owl, which attracts the attention of Mr. Screech. Elmo welcomes him, just as the Tea Time Monsters wake up the rest of the family. They all welcome Mr. Screech and see now Elmo's fallen asleep.

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  1. Communication with performer by Anthony T.
  2. Personal communication with performer

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