Dog City
Air Date January 23, 1993
Written by Kirk R. Thatcher
Director John Van Bruggen (animation), David Gumpel (Muppets)

While Eliot Shag copes with an infestation of fleas, Bruno breaks in to announce a rumor that cats will be moving into an empty apartment in the building. The incompetent building super is outraged by the possibility and gets into conflict with feline landlady Ms. Fluffé, who summarily fires him.

The situation inspires Eliot, so in the parallel cartoon story, a gang war springs up between the East Side cats and Bugsy Vile's gang. Ace Hart is assigned to the case and discovers that fat cat Clawed Badly is the gang leader, as well as the new gentleman companion of Kitty. Clawed plots to unseat Bugsy as the city's leading crime boss, while news of Kitty's apparent defection shatters Vile's heart.

Ace dons a feline disguise to infiltrate the gang, and Badly's master plan is revealed: a plot to drop a flea bomb on Dog City, releasing specially bred fleas which only bite dogs. Ace, working with Bugsy, sets out to save the day, as usual, and Kitty's betrayal is revealed as a ruse.

Back in the apartment, Bruno grovels to get his job back, and the new tenant turns out to be a mild-mannered dog named Bob Katz.


  • This is the first appearance of Ms. Fluffé, who became a recurring character in the next season.

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