The Jim Henson Hour
Air Date unaired in US
Director Peter Harris



Link Hogthrob hosts a food review show.

Three Ravens

"The Three Ravens"

Plot Outline

Jim Henson's Intro

Jim Henson warns the audience that tonight's show might make you hungry.


Kermit has trouble getting the show going, because his entire staff is waiting for their lunch to be delivered.


The StoryTeller

The Three Ravens: A princess' dreams of love are threatened by the machinations of an evil witch queen.


Jim talks about Screaming No-Nos.


  • NBC cancelled The Jim Henson Hour after nine episodes. This episode never aired in the US or Canada, although a shorter version did air in Canada as part of the half-hour "Jim Henson Show." As far as we know, no Jim Henson Hour episodes aired in the UK. Any rumors that Jim Henson Hour material aired in the UK are based on The Storyteller, Monster Maker and Living With Dinosaurs airing as separate specials.
  • This is the only MuppeTelevision episode that lacks a guest star.
  • Normally, the Solid Foam Band consists of Clifford, Flash, Digit, Beard and the Solid Foam Drummer. In this episode, Zoot replaces Flash while Animal replaces the Solid Foam Drummer. This is the only episode to feature Animal.




Kermit the Frog, Vicki, Waldo C. Graphic, The Swedish Chef, Jacques Roach, Beard, Clifford, Digit, Animal, Zoot, Gonzo, Leon, Zondra, Ubu, Chip, Anthony, Fern, Link Hogthrob, Rat, Bean Bunny, Doglion, Luncheon Counter Monster, Crocodile, Iguana, Cow, Chickens, Dave Carp Five, Barbra Streisandwich, Sam and Ella, Nigel, Mildred, Marvin Suggs


Supporting Cast


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