The Furchester Hotel
Air date November 1, 2014
Writer Ian Carney
Director Jack Jameson

Mr. and Mrs. Quackmore, a duck couple, check into the hotel. When they're brought to their room, they're shocked to find there's no TV - they love TV! Furgus and Funella check the office for an old one, when Furgus discovers it. He avoids the Tea Time Monsters and the broken lift and is able to get to their room. However, once he sets it up, it immediately shuts off. He brings it back for repair.

The monsters wonder how they can keep the ducks happy while the TV is fixed. They don't want to play any duck games or sing duck songs, until Phoebe gets a monster idea - they'll make their own TV shows.

Phoebe sets up a picture frame in the Quackmore's room and begins Furchester TV! Phoebe, dressed in a duckbill, first stars in the comedy, Ducks Got Quacks. Then, Elmo and her star in Waddle with Ducks. Cookie Monster (or "Cookie Duck") hosts The Quack Cooking Show, where he prepares cookie...he means, cracker, surprise. Elmo and Phoebe swim about in Real Ducks.

The Quackmore's can decide on what program to watch, making the monsters switch through each one before they've had enough. They tell the ducks to stick to one program, but they can't; they want to watch them all. Phoebe gets the idea that they can switch places and let the ducks go on the show. Furgus reports that the TV is fixed, but the ducks don't need it; they enjoy being on TV much more! The monsters all gather around to watch.

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