Animal Jam
Air Date March 11, 2003
Written by John Derevlany and Bradley Zweig
Director David Gumpel

Today is Waffle the Cow-Monkey and Edi the Zebra's Birthday. Waffle gives Edi a magnifying glass, a purple ball, and a picture book of lizards. Next, Edi gives Waffle an old blanket and a stick with ribbons on it. Waffle feels that Edi didn't give him what he wanted when he asked for the ocean, the sky, a tornado, and a tidal wave. Edi explains that these are pretend gifts because she couldn't really get what Waffle asked for. After showing how the blanket is a tidal wave and the stick with ribbons could be a tornado, Waffle feels he should give a pretend gift to Edi. He comes up with pretend gifts such as a macaroni and cheese volcano that Edi feels Waffle is in a competitive pretend gift giving with her.

After Bozark does a Birthday dance to Edi and Waffle, Edi explains that Bozark's dance is a simple gift that they would enjoy. Waffle understands and gives another gift to Edi which is a hug.

At the DJs workstation, DJ 3 tries to be Waffle and Edi's favorite by trying to get the gifts that they really wanted.


  • Swimmin' (Twistin' Too) & Flying
  • Jungle Jam Journey
  • Bozark Twistin

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