Air Date July 16, 1999
Written by Justin Monjo
Director Peter Andrikidis

Aeryn takes John Crichton out for a training session in one of Moya's pods and they get trapped in an energy field called the flax, that turns out to have ben placed by Zenetan pirates to capture ships. While Crichton and Aeryn attempts to break free, a former Zenetan pirate, Staanz, arrives on Moya to help the crew avoid the flax. He agrees to help them to go looking for the pod, however D'Argo has some plans of his own. Staanz has told him about a Luxan ship in the Flax and he wants to get his hands on the maps it might have, before going to the pod's rescue. On the way to the Luxan ship they barely dodge Kcrackic's tracer beam. It turns out that Staanz is on Kcrackic's hate list. D'argo warns Moya about him and ask them to delay him as long as possible. Kcrackic ends up playing tardek with Rygel who loses the game on purpose to lure Kcrackic on a wild goose chase.

Guest stars

Rhys Muldoon (Staanz), John Bachelor (Kcrackic) and David Bowers (Kurz)


  • Production number 113

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