The Ghost of Faffner Hall
Air Date December 4, 1989
Written by David Angus and Patrick Barlow
Director Tony Kysh


lt's time for the 103rd Annual Fughetta Faffner Memorial Concert, and it's also time to pay Farkas Faffner his rent. No one has the money, so he puts everyone to work and the memorial concert is canceled until the rent is paid. When Riff hears this, he runs away and meets a Talking Stone (Robin Williamson) who tells him a tale of days gone by when everyone made music. This gives Riff an idea for the concert where everyone will make music including Farkas. When Mimi hits the gong to call everyone to dinner, Farkas is standing behind it and the sound of the gong does something to his brain. He exits, singing to himself, and runs into a surprised Michala Petri. Farkas demands that she stop working and play the recorder. Soon everyone in the Hall was demand to make music and the concert was back on. At the concert, The Wild Impresario announces Farkas as their special guest artist. However when Mimi hits the gong again, Farkas goes back to being himself and tries to stop the concert. Everyone all ignore him and sing a song he wrote in his altered state called, "Anyone Can Make Music!"


Main Characters

Riff, Fughetta Faffner, Farkas Faffner, Mimi, The Wild Impresario

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